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Now Airing On Public Television!
Monkey Monkey Music is on Public TV: Across the country, from New York to Los Angeles, and as far away as Alaska and American Samoa, families are watching Monkey Monkey Music videos on on more than 100 public television stations in 75 plus markets.
School Library Journal: Macaroni Review – “These upbeat, appealing, singable tunes with foot-tapping beats would be great for classrooms, library storytimes, and toddler dance programs.” (April 30, 2017)
Long Island Newday Long Island NewsdayMeredith and Monkey Monkey Music were featured in the Newsday Family section and labeling her the “face of Kids Thirteen.” (Jan. 6, 2016)
Long Island Newday Long Island Newsday: “Many would say she is the face of Kids 13, New York’s 24-hour PBS Kids channel. Most well known for her music videos, Meredith LeVande can be seen in ‘Monkey Monkey Music,’ broadcast multiple times a day, leading classic shows such as ‘Sesame Street’ and ‘Curious George,’ on more than 100 public television stations.” (Sept. 25, 2015)
The Star-Ledger: “To see this ball of energy perform at the Kearny Public Library is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. … That joyful spirit comes through clearly in her performances, say public television executives, who predict a bright future for the singer-songwriter.” (Sept. 6, 2011)
The New York Times The New York Times: “Meredith LeVande is a music video star.” (June 21, 2012)
Observer Logo ObserverMeredith was featured in this article on the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine.” (Aug. 5, 2016)
Hicksville Illustrated News Hicksville Illustrated News: “Kids Go Bananas for Monkey Monkey Music … (LeVande) had the children jumping and dancing along the entire time.” (Jan. 22 – 28, 2014)
  (201) FAMILY: “When we were kids, it was Schoolhouse Rock. As soon as a favorite cartoon came to a close, we’d rock out to Conjunction Junction (What’s your function?) or cheer for that lonely old bill sitting there on Capitol Hill. Today it’s Monkey Monkey Music with Meredith LeVande. But you probably already know that from flipping on PBS when your little one watches Curious George or Sesame Street. Snippets of LeVande’s music videos for the preschooler set are broadcast multiple times every day, airing on breaks during kids-show blocks on more than 100 public television stations in more than 70 markets.” (Nov. 7, 2012)
New York Daily News: “Meredith LeVande, the creator of PBS’ ‘Monkey Monkey Music,’ brings her high-energy performance to West Harlem Piers Park. Her interactive show will encourage kids to dance, play air guitar or sing along to her joyful songs.” (Aug. 11, 2012)
New York Magazine: “Small Screen Siren: Young television viewers will recognize LeVande – and many of these tunes, like “Chinatown” and “What Are the Odds?” – from the Monkey Monkey Music videos that run on public TV.”  (June 25, 2012)
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle: “Meredith LeVande’s face could become a familiar one to fans of Sesame Street, Curious George and other children’s shows as WXXI-TV starts showing the University of Rochester grad’s Monkey Monkey Music videos in between shows or during breaks next year.” (Dec. 18, 2011)
NY1Monkey Monkey Music’s show at the Mount Vernon Hotel and Museum is featured on NY1’s Parenting Segment. (June 1, 2012)
One-on-One with Steve Adubato One-on-One with Steve Adubato: Monkey Monkey Music with Meredith LeVande is featured on WNET, WLIW, and NJTV’s One-on-One with Steve Adubato. In this nine minute interview, Steve Adubato praises Monkey Monkey Music and its widespread success in public television and NJTV.  Watch the show here. It’s number 1244. (April 11, 2012)
Time Out New York Kids: “Popular kids entertainer Meredith Levande (the name behind Monkey Monkey Music) plays a live concert staged in West Harlem Piers Park. Levande plays cheerful, melodic tunes and her talent of engaging the audience —   large or small, young or old — in interactive sing-a-longs, dances and activities.” (Aug. 10, 2012)
Daily News Los Angeles: “Have you ever wondered who that high-energy, bubbly girl your kids love to watch on PBS is? She’s Meredith LeVande, the creator of Monkey Monkey Music, and she’s coming to Los Angeles at The Grove for a live show … . Meredith is THE face of kids’ music on public television! Her shows are high-energy and interactive with the audience; encouraging movement by playing air guitars or jumping high – the key is for the kids to really be involved!” (July 19, 2012)
Las Vegas Weekly: “Public television stations began airing “Monkey Monkey” music videos last year and children across the country have since grown to love Meredith LeVande and her high-energy songs that educate and entertain.” (July 16, 2012)
The Long Island Herald: Meredith and Monkey Monkey Music were profiled in this Long Island newspaper. “Families throughout Long Island and the tri-state region, have gotten to know singer-songwriter Meredith LeVande and her ‘Monkey Monkey Music’ through her music videos that are shown throughout the day between PBS KIDS children’s programs (aired on NJTV).” (Aug. 11, 2011)
Community News (Fair Lawn Edition): Meredith and Monkey Monkey Music were given a warm homecoming in a feature printed in her hometown newspaper. “Between favorites like Elmo on ‘Sesame Street’ and Curious George, children’s videos featuring a Fair Lawn native are now playing on NJTV. Meredith LeVande’s ‘Monkey Monkey Music’ videos are airing throughout the day between children’s programming on the public television station NJTV.” (Aug. 18, 2011)
Missoulian: Meredith and Monkey Monkey Music were profiled in this Missoula, MT, newspaper. “LeVande puts a lot of thought into what she writes and creates for children to watch. She doesn’t take her responsibilities as a children’s performer lightly and considers many factors when writing a song.” (Aug. 19, 2011)
New York Family: “Meredith LeVande, perhaps better known as Monkey Monkey Music, specializes in upbeat, original tunes for little ones. Her parachute-, instrument- and bubble-infused party shows instantly get all ages grooving.” (Sept. 24, 2012)
Monkey Monkey Music Kids' music Warren Township Malverne-West Hempstead-Lynbrook Patch: “If you haven’t heard of Monkey Monkey Music, now is the time to get informed. Monkey Monkey Music is a awesome children’s band created by Meredith LeVande. Meredith and her band mates excel in connecting to the kids with the use of original children’s songs, along with the classics as well.” (Aug. 9, 2012)
Monkey Monkey Music Kids' music Warren Township Warren Patch: “Warren’s young music lovers enjoyed a treat Thursday with the performance by Monkey Monkey Music and singer Meredith LeVande.” (July 12, 2012)
Westside Today: “Sixteen Monkey Monkey Music (headed by musician/educator/producer Meredith LeVande) videos now air multiple times daily as interstitials on both the KCET children’s block and the KCET Kids & Family Channel.” (May 23, 2011)
Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande Wins NAPPA Honors: “With the help of her animated and real friends, Meredith LeVande sings 15 catchy children’s songs about everyday concepts to which young children can relate. Each is brought to life on video with kids, props, animated cut outs and simple special effects. … Meredith shares the stage and it’s fun to watch her interact with the kids.”
Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande is Endorsed by KIDS FIRST!: Coalition for Quality Children’s Media: “The characters ‘were just having fun and being silly together.’ Kids ages 2-6 on our jury were all moving their bodies to the music by the end of the DVD. It held all of their interest and immediately motivated several of them to dance along. Even the oldest children, who seemed resistant to watch a ‘little kid’s show,’ were engaged and wiggling in their seats. The youngest of the kids all jumped up and danced instantly to the music.”
Monkey Monkey Music is On Demand!Monkey Monkey Music videos are now on Comcast’s and Cox Cable’s Kidz Bop Preschool On Demand! Here’s how to enjoy four new music videos:Select On Demand < Kids < KIDZ BOP < Kidz Bop Preschool < “Monkey Monkey Music”
Kalamazoo Parent: “Sixteen (Monkey Monkey Music) videos recently began airing on KGVUTV, Grand Rapids, MI and will soon be broadcast throughout the country. Each of her videos speaks to children in its own distinct way. … What they all share is Meredith LeVande’s playful and heartfelt connection to children … “Jump High” had the 4 year olds asking me to hit repeat as they jumped around the living room with my 1 year old trailing behind copying. “What Are the Odds?” is a fun and educational song that will have your children ‘odd experts’ in no time. Can’t say enough about how much fun the DVD and CD are.” (August 2011)
NY TV Examiner: “And now, with her music videos airing on public television stations throughout the U.S, Meredith stands on the cusp of nationwide recognition.” (August 2011)
Paula Slade: National Children’s Entertainment: “Meredith LeVande … has become a regular part of the Los Angeles scene with her sixteen Monkey Monkey Music videos, which are now airing as interstitials on public television station KCET. For the past several months, the videos have received overwhelmingly positive audience feedback, and soon they will be seen on as many as 45 stations nationwide and the U.S. Territories.” (June 2011)
What Are the Odds? is Selected for the 2010 BCM Awards: “Meredith has such a unique style that you can’t help but notice her. I’m not a music student, but I can feel her doing really interesting things with rhyme and rhythm in her songs. Ivan loves to dance and bounce to these rhythms!” (January 2011)
Parenting: “With her fresh vocals, and lyrics that encourage monkey-hear, monkey-do interactivity, Meredith LeVande really gets kids moving.” (February 2005, Parenting “Picks”)
The Christian Science Monitor: Meredith is quoted about gender identity and children as it concerns the new Disney animated feature Tangled. (Dec. 6, 2010)
Deseret News: Meredith was interviewed for an article in this Salt Lake City newspaper about children’s musicians, which also featured other great kids’ artists such as Frances England, DidiPop and Keller Williams. (Dec. 13, 2010)
Booklist Online: “Both live-action footage and eye-catching animation back up catchy tunes ‘about everyday concepts to which children can relate.’ … LeVande’s polished performances will captivate kids.” (February 2011)
School Library Journal: “In her second album for children (What Are the Odds?), Meredith Levande presents 16 original songs in various styles of rock, hip-hop, blues, and country. She has a lovely, sweet voice, and the instrumental performances on guitars, bass, drums, piano, banjo, dobro, percussion, trumpet, and wind instruments are excellent. … This fun album would be a fine addition to children’s music collections.” (Dec. 1, 2010)
The Detroit News: “Put ‘Monkey’ on your shelf.” Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande was the top kids, teens and families DVD pick of the week along with Sid & Marty Krofft’s Saturday Morning Hits, Looney Tunes Super Stars: Foghorn Leghorn & Friends — Barnyard Bigmouth, Fantasia — Fantasia 2000, Marvel Knights: Iron Man — Extremis, and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” (Dec. 3, 2010)
The Bergen Record: “Children’s musician Meredith LeVande puts a great deal of thought into her creations, contemplating more than just melody, lyrics and rhythm.” (Aug. 5, 2010)
Suburban Trends: Meredith was featured in this New Jersey newspaper playing a show for the Pequannock Township Public Library’s Global Jamboree reading celebration. (Aug. 28, 2011)
The Ridgewood News: Meredith was featured in a front page photo in the Arts & Liesure section showing her before playing a show at the Ridgewood Public Library. (Oct. 22, 2010)
Town News: Meredith was featured in this New Jersey newspaper playing a show at the River Edge Public Library. (Sept. 2, 2010)
School Library Journal: “Fifteen songs written for young children and sung by a joyful Meredith LeVande set the stage for (Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande). With a background of draped cloth and colorful cardboard props in many of the videos, the diverse boys and girls dance and dramatize the lyrics, sometimes lip-synching to prerecorded music, with LeVande either playing the guitar and singing or lip-synching. … The lyrics are fun, child-friendly, and sung clearly, with well-executed, catchy guitar and vocal accompaniment.” (May 1, 2011)
Education: Journal of the New South Wales Teachers Federation: “The fact that Meredith’s videos are currently being played on public television stations rights across the United States is testament to her talent and the quality of her songs.” (Dec. 5, 2011)
theLead Miami Beach: “With 15 catchy songs from Monkey Monkey Music and their critically acclaimed CD, this musical DVD (Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande) guarantees plenty of off-the-sofa, energetic movement for preschoolers. The rollicking tunes encourage ‘monkeyhear, monkey-do’ interactivity that promotes jumping high and dancing.” (Jan. 7, 2011)
Random Handprints: “With a focus on teaching, these songs are fun as well as educational, like in ‘Guess Who I Am?’ with lyrics that encourage kids to solve riddles. The track ‘Who’s a Knockin” tells a series of knock-knock jokes and has a tune so catchy, my kids insist it plays in the car on ‘repeat.'” (March 2012)
Macaroni Kid: “Despite this New Yorker’s many degrees including Women’s Studies, a law degree, and master’s degree in music, her music is accessible and simple so that little ones can easily have fun and learn from each song. LeVande focuses her music on listening skills and interactive participation. The videos use a combination of live action kids that show what moves can be done along with a song and animation that helps illustrate the lyrics.” (June 2011)
Technorati:Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande is a positive force that encourages children to feel good about themselves and to move. There should be a space for it on the shelves of every home with young children and every preschool classroom.” (December 2010)
Planet Awesome Kid: “My daughter became utterly and totally engrossed and obsessed (with Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande)! Waking up in the middle of the night with tears and incoming molars, she would only ask for one thing to comfort her…’Mamma, MONKEY!’ I tried, to no avail, to put on different DVDs and CDs in the weeks that followed, only to be met with two very demanding words…..’Mamma, MONKEY!’ It was clear. We had a serious Monkey Monkey Music addiction.” (December 2010)
Babble: “Meredith LeVande has been doing the music thing for kids for years. That’s why she’s so good. As an educator and songwriter, Meredith developed the Monkey Monkey Music children’s program to put the interests of kids first. Her albums have won all sorts of awards and rave reviews from Parenting mag, but it’s the little critics whose opinions really count — and they just love her.” (December 2010)
Media Macaroni: This New York City blogger chose What Are the Odds? as one of the best children’s music albums of the year along with some other great artists.
Celebrity Parents Magazine: “On the surface, Meredith LeVande is a gregarious, fun children’s musician. Once you get to know her, though, you find that Meredith is quite soft-spoken, thoughtful, and a true champion for both women’s and children’s rights. In an exclusive interview with Celebrity Parents, Meredith spoke candidly about her passion for women’s studies, and how she has rediscovered a happier childhood through her own children’s music.” (September 2010) Click here to see Meredith on the cover.
Babies Gotta Have It: “Meredith LeVande, educational children’s musician, singer and birthday party entertainer, has been chosen as one of New York’s best affordable children’s performers by Time Out New York Kids. This is a gal who knows birthday parties. I had a chance to ask her a few questions recently and got some great advice for foolproofing your kiddo’s big day.” (November 2010)
Washington Parent: “(Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande) features 15 songs from LeVande’s 2004 CD Monkey Monkey Music with appropriately engaging animation that doesn’t bombard the senses. I can attest after multiple viewings with my own children (almost 2- and 4-years-old) that the animation, though comparatively simple, is nonetheless as captivating to youngsters as is LeVande’s delicate, youthful voice.” (December 2010)
Boston Children’s Music: “Meredith LeVande is one of our new favorite artists. We just love her newest CD What Are the Odds?, so when we found out she was creating a set of videos for her first album, Monkey Monkey Music, we were pretty excited. We’ve watched her new DVD (Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande) over and over now and just love it.” (November 2010) “As the managing editor for DVD Town I get a lot of screeners sent to me unsolicited, and a number of those come from musical groups wanting to be the next Wiggles, or else solo acts hoping to score as big as the next Raffi. … Occasionally one of them rises above the pack, and Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos, with Meredith LeVande is worth a look if you have a young one in your home who’s between the ages of 1 and 4. That’s the age group that will warm to this collection of songs … a cut above the rest.” (November 2010)
Midwest Book Review: “The lively and jubilant songs are a blast to listen to, perfect for young children ages 2-5, and enhanced with colorful animated segments as well as scenes of real-life children interacting with the cartoony world. Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande is a delight to view, and especially recommended as a birthday gift, or to play during children’s parties.” (November 2010)
TDmonthly: “With the help of her animated and real friends, Meredith LeVande sings 15 catchy children’s songs about everyday concepts to which young children can relate. Each is brought to life on video. No two segments are exactly alike; there is a lot of variety of video technique and each segment is uniquely choreographed.” (October 2010)
The Jolly Blogger: “A few days ago, I walked into (my daughter’s) bedroom as Meredith was chanting a very catchy, ‘Let’s go down… Let’s go down… Let’s go down to Chinatown!’ … It’s so infectious, my daughter can be seen tapping her foot as she follows along.” (September 2011)
Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife:Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande contains 15 music videos just for kids. The songs have a bouncy, happy tone to them that make kids want to dance along. … As a mom, the videos kind of reminded me of some of the short videos featured over on Sesame Street as a kid – it has that same learning yet fun vibe for the preschool crowd going on.” (December 2010)
Whirlwind of Surprises: “I watched this DVD and oh my god, the songs are so catchy that even I wanted to get up and move to it so I am absolutely positive that this is yet another Christmas gift that the little ones would love. You wouldn’t believe me, but my SO has been singing ‘Let’s go down to Chinatown’ for the past 15 minutes since I watched that particular music video. So, if you can get an fully grown adult male to be singing and dancing, you can bet a 2-5 year old child would love singing, learning and dancing to these upbeat music videos.” (December 2010)
Blogfully: “Amazing…simply amazing. The music (on Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande) is definitely catchy. The tunes will get you moving and will keep you humming the tunes well after the music has ended. There’s just something about Meredith’s voice that captures an audience of kids (and moms).” (December 2010)
The Bragging Mommy:Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande was a huge hit with Leah! She got up off the couch and started dancing and singing right away. I love that this video is age appropriate and has songs for the little kids to get down and boogie to. This is such a great way to get kids exercising and moving their body! They will no doubt get up and start singing right along with the DVD or CD.” (December 2010)
Have Sippy Will Travel: “The first rainy day we had, I popped in the Monkey Monkey DVD. Ahhhh…..the sounds of quiet! All those little mouths quieted and ears opened and they sat nicely for 20 minutes and watched. Then I got them up to dance with the music – after all, they are kids, and they do need to wiggle! Music and movement is a great activity for kids. With Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande, you get the bonus of having a professional lead the ‘movement’.” (December 2010)
Mommy 2 Monkeys: “I was excited to have my monkeys watch (Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande) and I wasn’t disappointed. My kids love listening to music and they love when videos come on TV. The songs in Monkey Monkey Music are just what they’re used to. They teach lessons, encourage you to get up and move with them, as well as sing along.” (January 2011)
From Chalkboards to Strollers: “Avery doesn’t watch a whole lot of TV, so when we do, it sometimes has a hard time holding her attention (since she’s just not use to it). Not (Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande) though! Right from the get go, Avery was hooked. She was up, dancing around and bobbing to the beat. It was so cute! Even though Avery is only 15 months (almost 16) and the video is recommended for 2 and up, it was still a big hit in our house!” (January 2011)
This Bird’s Day: “Having a music video DVD for kids is such a great idea. I’m sure Little Bird enjoys watching someone other than mommy and daddy bouncing around to the beat and (Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande) features Meredith and a bunch of kids. Our daughter loves ‘kid watching’ so this is a lot of fun for her. The music is fun for kids and parents alike and takes the viewer, no matter what their age, on fun adventures filled with new sights, sounds and a lot of dancing.” (January 2011)
Fabulous Family Reviews & Giveaways: “Aniala doesn’t sit still long enough to really watch TV but there was always one show that captures her attention, until now. When she was fussy one evening I put on the Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande DVD and Aniala stopped crying to watch. Her and Korben danced in the living room and as the music started slowing down towards the end they both snuggled up on the couch. Aniala was so content to sit there she actually fell asleep during the ‘Goodnight To You’ song, which is an awesome song! It is very relaxing and soothing.” (January 2011)
The Opinionated Parent: “At $20, (Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande) is a great addition to your DVD collection for your littles. There’s great movement opportunities and some built-in learning that the kids have no idea is happening. I’d recommend it for the 18 month-5 year old set.” (February 2011)
Media Macaroni: “Ozzie’s favorite seems to be Meredith LeVande’s What Are the Odds? It’s full of fun, boppy music that get’s his little diaper butt bouncing. … The album actually does have an arc through the tracks, and winds down nicely at the end making this Monkey Monkey Music particularly good for the littler monkeys.” (August 2011)
Paula Slade: National Children’s Entertainment: “New York City musician/educator Meredith LeVande is continuing in the previous vein of her highly successful first release, Monkey Monkey Music, and in this newest outing (What Are the Odds?) brings joyful songs geared perfectly for the youngest set age two to five.” (January 2011)
Play That Now: “Meredith LeVande delights me, her music has quickly become a favorite with the little ones who listened to it. Her songs are fun and even more entertaining when you can view the music videos on the DVD (Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande).” (December 2010)
Mommy Perks: “My kids watched the (Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande) DVD over and over and over and over and over again, until they had every song completely memorized. My daughter loves to follow the dance moves, too.” (January 2011)
Lolidots: “I knew my daughter loved Meredith’s music. She always asks for her Monkey Monkey CD. I had no idea how very much she would flip over the DVD. Our Monkey Monkey Music DVD gets plenty of play around here. I love that, just like a good CD, I can put it in and she can continue to play or learn while having something fun and educational in the background. … It gets my daughter up and moving, interacting with the music, laughing hysterically and just loving the time she is having.” (December 2010)
SIMPLE: “When I was first introduced to (Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande), I clicked on some of the teaser links. Lili was asking if we could watch it over and over. Just today she put this DVD in again. It is a very fun set full of very entertaining music. Lili gets up and dances all around. She was singing today, ‘Let’s go Down, Let’s Go Down to China Town!’.” (December 2010)
MomVantage: “My daughter picked up the lyrics to most of the songs (on Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande) by the 3rd time she watched it (in a row, I might add!) and was singing a few of them in full right along with the video. My son is not overly interested in TV, but as soon as I put the video in, he sat on my lap and watched the ENTIRE thing. He would wiggle and bop (his form of dancing!) at the appropriate moments, but his eyes never left the screen.” (November 2010)
Firefly Blog: “When we received (Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande) my little girl was beyond excited. She was ready to watch it, and fast to put her favorite dance outfit on. And yes she had to have her toy guitar too. I love how catchy songs are, and perfect for young kids. Princess knows all of the songs from Meredith’s CD and she loved the DVD.” (November 2010)
BabyElan {daily}: “Does your little lady love to dance, jump and sing? If so she will LOVE the DVD Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande! Meredith is a children’s musician, singer and guitar player that preforms at children’s birthday parties in NYC! Now the rest of us can bring Meredith home too with this fabulous interactive DVD!” (November 2010)
One Bored Mommy: “Meredith Levande is excited that her new DVD , Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos With Meredith Levande will be released December 1st! This is one DVD that every family (with small kids) will enjoy watching, singing and dancing along with!” (November 2010)
Real Moms Real Views: “Both of my kids are enjoying their Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande DVD so much! The first time I played it for them, Ava danced happily to the music trying to sing along, giggling and having a great time! The second time we watched it she was actually singing along to a few of the songs! … The kids request this DVD go on the road with us, too! We have taken it in the car to sing along with on our way to visit mimi and poppy and it kept the kids entertained, singing, & happy the whole way!” (November 2010)
ENJOY Life, ENJOY Now: “My daughters loved (Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande). Her music is GREAT and I honestly loved to put the DVD on for the girls and listen to it along with them. Our instant favorites: ‘Chinatown’, ‘Mirror’, ‘Keep on Truckin”. All the videos on the DVD and songs are good. My daughter’s just sing along to those 3 the most (don’t tell I sing along too). It REALLY is nice for them to dance around and sing-a-long to such a variety of songs. I can’t wait to hear more from Meredith, I will definitely be buying her work in the future.” (November 2010)
PS Mom Reviews: “We have enjoyed Meredith Levande’s Monkey Monkey Music CDs and I think the Monkey Monkey Music DVD is just as great. If you like DVDs for your kids that are fun, engaging, and get them up and moving this one is definitely for you.” (December 2010)
Busy Working Mama: “(Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande) is a fun and musical DVD for children and Lily enjoyed watching it. The music was nice and relaxing and the DVD was fun for a child Lily’s age. I actually thought it was great for our pre-bedtime routine. The songs were cute, catchy and great for children to enjoy.” (December 2010)
Growing a Baby in Seattle Reviews: “Thanks to a combination of my son having a cold and the weather outside being too yucky to go out, we’ve spent the majority of the last few days cooped up inside. Thankfully we have a way to get some of our energy out – dancing along to the music videos on Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande! … If there’s a little one in your life, definitely check this DVD out!” (November 2010)
Momma Drama: “When I put (Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande) in my daughter kept moving closer and closer to the tv. It was so funny because she kept walking in place and bouncing, but she didn’t take her eyes off the tv. She wasn’t really dancing….just constantly moving. I think the bright colors and fun images had her mesmerized. She also loves to see kids on tv, so this must have been attracting her, too.” (November 2010)
Video Librarian Online: “Combining footage of real-life kids dancing and playing against animated backgrounds, (Monkey Monkey Music: The Videos with Meredith LeVande) features guitarist LeVande … The highlight here is definitely ‘Chinatown,’ a location segment in which LeVande and a youngster cruise the popular neighborhood. … overall this is a fun diversion for ages 2 and up.” (March 2011)
Chicago Parent: “(What Are the Odds?) isn’t purely entertaining, it’s brainy and brilliant. With Meredith’s monkey magic, your littles can learn right along with their older sibs, and have so much fun, they won’t even realize how much they’re innately absorbing.” (September 2010)
Boston Children’s Music: “(Meredith’s) vocals are so playful and endearing and you can really tell that she loves singing songs for kids. Meredith says that she thinks ‘every song should originate from a wonderful connection with a child’ and that really shines through in her work.” (July 2010)
Midwest Book Review: “… Meredith LeVande presents her latest children’s music album What Are the Odds?, an upbeat collection for young people ages 2-7 that blends gentle tunes with elements of learning and encouragement to engage in physical activity. An up-tempo album great for parents, babysitters, preschool teachers or daycare providers to share with little ones, What Are the Odds? is buoyant, invigorating, and highly recommended.” (August 2010)
The Toy Book:What Are The Odds? delivers upbeat songs about a variety of topics, including the title-track’s account of odd numbers.” (July 2010)
Metro Augusta Parent: “… LeVande’s preschool experience is obvious throughout (What Are the Odds?). Other preschool teachers, especially, ought to find plenty of raw material here for their own classroom activities. From the title track about odd numbers to ‘Circle,’ ‘Shake It Loud’ and ‘Guess What I Am,’ the possibilities are as boundless as the energy in a room full of four-year-olds.” (September 2010)
Nugget Island: “Meredith brings on music and movement in (What Are the Odds?) that is pure preschool gold. This is the album to bring to your child’s preschool teacher who is stuck playing that factory-bred toddler tune album. Instead, share Meredith’s sweet voice and original mix of acoustic, funk and pop-style tunes. Or, enjoy the album at home and have fun interacting with each song or enjoying Meredith’s wordplay.” (September 2010)
The Review Broads: “(What Are the Odds?) is a rocking, stomping CD that presents a fun filled version of rock, bop, jazz, and funk rhythms with words that tap tap like a tap dancer! … When I heard What Are the Odds, listening was the ONLY option! It was like watching UP from Disney – a kid’s movie that kids relate to and love, with a whammy extra – adults found it heartfelt and moving also. Meredith has this quality imbued into her tunes! … 4.5 (out of 5 Stars) for a thoughtful, highly creative and JUST PLAIN GOOD FUN CD short enough to hold their attention span.” (July 2010)
Time Out New York Kids: Again featured as one of New York’s best kid’s birthday party entertainers. (April 21, 2010)
Time Out New York Kids: Chosen as one of New York’s best affordable children’s birthday party performers. (April 2009)
Poughkeepsie Journal: “Monkey Monkey Music, LeVande’s live children’s music program, teaches children their colors, body parts and more. Her natural skills of children’s communication and her catchy tunes made it a great morning for the children and their parents.” (March 25, 2007)
LoveToKnow Baby: Meredith was interviewed about babies and music. According to Meredith: “People mistakenly believe that because infants can’t remember things outright, that they may not be receiving the full experience of the music. However, music is the one art form that children immediately access and experience in the moment. One of the things I feel great about is how many moms tell me that, when they put on my CD, their baby stops crying.” (April 2010)
She Knows Parenting: Meredith is interviewed as an expert on 10 ways music benefits children. According to Meredith: “More and more studies show a correlation between higher academic achievement with children who are exposed to music. Music simply stimulates parts of the brain that are related to reading, math, and emotional development.” (March 2010)
Susan Heim on Parenting: “In (What Are the Odds?), Meredith LeVande sings child-friendly lyrics in original songs like ‘Frogs Eat Butterflies,’ ‘In the Garden,’ and ‘Silly Animal Friends.’ Her music is just plain fun!” (September 2010)
NY Gifted Education Examiner: Author and gifted education expert Alina Adams interviews Meredith in this multi-part piece that touches on the educational value of music, the joy of learning, how perseverence is a true sign of intelligence, and also includes a review of What Are the Odds? (August 2010)
Our Kids: “Cognitive and social learning theorists have long emphasized the importance of the influence of others on a child’s learning, behavior, and development. Watch your child imitate you as you engage them in finger play songs. Children immerse themselves in the world around them by imitation of others. Meredith LeVande has a knack for just that!” (Aug. 6, 2010)
Lolidots: “I definitely love Meredith LeVande’s music and think it’s perfect for small children. (What Are the Odds?) is a CD that parents can put in for their kids from very young ages and would be fantastic in a daycare setting as well. I highly recommend Monkey Monkey Music for parents of small kids and think it makes a great gift as well! Add a Monkey Monkey Music CD to a baby shower gift and introduce the mom-to-be to some great kid music!” (October 2010)
Have Sippy Will Travel: “So, ‘What Are The Odds’ that you will like the same CD that your toddler will? Pretty good, I’d say, if that CD happens to be ‘Monkey Monkey Music’ from Meredith LeVande. … Meredith LeVande did a fantastic job at creating music that kids will love, and parents (and teachers!) will too. It is also educational music, which is fantastic. I really prefer that the kids listen to songs with a message, that they can learn from, rather then just noise pumping at them.” (September 2010)
Baby Gear Mom:(What Are the Odds?) is a fun collection of catchy songs that get little hearts pumping. Whether you’re going this way or that way, shaking it right, left, fast, slow, high, low, loud or silly – LeVande’s folky tunes bring out smiles and wiggles. The lyrics are easy on to follow and keep preschoolers engaged, with groovy nuggets of knowledge in each track. ‘What Are the Odds?’ is the title song that cleverly introduces children to odd numbers. Another tester fave – ‘Air Guitar’ – yes, you do always have it with you!” (September 2010)
Glimpse: “Monkey Monkey Music … produces songs that are both fun and educational. As a trained (but not actively working right now) teacher, I would use these songs in my class to reinforce concepts as well as to just have fun as I’ve always believed learning is fun, and you can have fun while learning – obviously Meredith shares this philosophy. The album would also be great to use at a kids party! … All around, a great CD!” (September 2010)
Brain Foggles:(What Are the Odds?) is playful, gets children dancing and has hidden educational value in the songs. Meredith’s voice is sweet and lovely. She doesn’t treat her music with kid gloves but makes it authentic for her audience.” (September 2010)
My Baby’s Green: “Meredith LeVande is a wonderful children’s musician. She has a sweet voice and lyrics that encourage her listeners to interact-to get kids MOVING! Meredith’s goal was to put the child back into children’s music and I feel she accomplished this wonderfully. Each song is both catchy and creative which is why What Are the Odds? CD is so much fun to play at home and in the car without annoying us parents and caretakers. … BONUS-What Are the Odds? has 16 songs that are ALL educational.” (September 2010)
The Opinionated Parent: “(What Are the Odds? is) a super fun collection of songs for the 2-7 set that the littles in your life are sure to love. Meredith’s voice & style are totally built for the young child to love, and the children who live in my home are no exception. Neither are their friends, actually. A living room full of kids grooving to “Air Guitar” is enough to make any mama’s heart swell, and now that they know that their air guitars are always with them they pull them out at the most hilarious of times!” (September 2010)
The Culture Mom: “My daughter really liked … What Are the Odds? by Meredith LeVande. LeVande really connects to children with her music and lyrics. Her songs include ‘Shake It Loud,’ ‘In the Garden,’ ‘Air Guitar,’ ‘Circle,’ ‘Bubbles,’ ‘Silly Animal Friends,’ ‘Willow Tree in the Wind’ and ‘Guess What I Am.’ They’re whimsical and educational.” (September 2010)
The Indie Tot: “Meredith LeVande’s What Are the Odds? has a definite pop feel while remaining truly child appropriate. … In short, What Are the Odds? is filled with fun and upbeat songs that let kids be kids!” (September 2010)
ecomodern mom:(What Are the Odds?) is a really cute kids music CD. Meredith has a really sweet voice and my daughter and I really enjoyed What Are The Odds?… . Most of the songs are really upbeat and my daughter always tells she wants to hear ‘wiggle music’ because she loves to dance so this CD allows her to ‘wiggle’ a lot and she loves it. It also has a couple slower songs to really help your child wind down a bit. I mostly love that each is song is really educational, it’s not just mindless music but it will really help them learn something.” (September 2010)
3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires: “After hearing (What Are the Odds?) for the first time, I overheard the children singing in the playroom, ‘What are the odds? Let’s count the odds…’ It was so cute! Their favorite song on the disc is ‘Wheels,’ which (is) a super cute rendition of ‘The Wheels on the Bus,’ one of their all-time favorite songs. ‘Frogs Eat Butterflies’ and of course ‘What Are the Odds?’ are their other favorites.” (September 2010)
Really, Are You Serious?:(What Are the Odds?) has a youthful-pop music feel to it, with lyrics that are fun for both girls (almost 4 and 2). You can listen to sample lyrics on their site, too. In addition to silly songs like ‘Who’s a Knockin’?’ there are also educational songs like ‘What Are The Odds?’ which include counting by odds and things that are that number (like one hand, three sides to a triangle) and more.” (September 2010)
One Bored Mommy: “With a sweet voice and enthusiasm, Meredith Levande is thrilled to debut her children’s album What Are The Odds?! … This CD is not only fun and entertaining for your kids, but also offers educational perks. What Are the Odds? songs are written to not only excite and energize a child’s brain but also promote learning and the concept of odds and evens, counting planets and more.” (August 2010)
Goodie Goodie Gumdrops:What Are the Odds? is like preschool in a pint-sized package. Meredith LeVande merges the folk stylings of Lisa Loeb with the imagination and interaction of Laurie Berkner for a delighfully simple yet honest children’s record. … Monkey Monkey Music will have your little monkey movin’ and groovin’. And expanding that cranium too.” (August 2010)
Kids’ Home Library by Lee Littewood: Syndicated columnist Lee Littewood lists What Are the Odds? in her “Incredible New Music for Kids” article, calling it a “super-worthy new family” CD. (October 2010)
Freetime: This Rochester, NY, music and entertainment magazine announced Meredith’s release of What Are the Odds? (Aug. 25, 2010)
MrJeff2000: “… Meredith took five years to construct her second CD, building her songs from interactions with children rather than on a set recording schedule. … Kids could do worse than learn a few life lessons from someone like Meredith, who knows how to set goals and persevere.” (August 2010)
and Potato Makes Three!: “Potato’s new favorite CD is by Meredith LeVande.I was very impressed when I say she wrote all of her songs. You can’t say that about many artists these days. … Her music is very child appropriate and I am not ashamed to say that both my husband and I have danced alongside Potato. What Are the Odds? is actually out and available on It’s so worth the money to watch your baby find their inner groove!” (August 2010)
Simply Stacie: “Meredith Levande has done an excellent job putting together a children’s CD that won’t have you pulling your hair out waiting for it to be over. I have mentioned before how I am always on the look out for kids music that both Sadie and I can enjoy in the car or puttering around home and Monkey Monkey Music – What Are the Odds? has become a new favourite in our house.” (September 2010)
Mommy Blessings in Small Bundles: “I loved (What Are the Odds?) and so did my daughter. She sang to it and danced to it. Meredith LeVande is very talented and can really relate to children. We loved ‘Guess What I Am’ and ‘Bubbles’. I think those were my daughter’s favorites. She had me play it over and over again! This CD is totally awesome!” (August 2010)
Confessions of an Overworked Mom: “There’s just something about children’s music that keeps your toes tapping. … I really love (What Are the Odds?) because it’s child friendly and child appropriate. It’s music made for children not adult music that’s been turned into children’s music.” (August 2010)
Mommy Perks: “I love the sound of children laughing uncontrollably. A child’s laughter is medicine for the soul and the (What Are the Odds?) CD certainly delivers. We all sing along to each song, including our cool 11-year-old. All three kids really enjoy the songs that encourage more body motions. … We have a few CD’s in our collection that our daughter considers her ‘must have’s’ – the Monkey Monkey (Music) What Are The Odds? CD is now one of them.” (August 2010)
Oh Boy, Oh Boy Oh Boy!: “(What Are the Odds? is) another fun album for families. With 16 fun tracks it’ll get you up and having fun with your kids. Especially the song ‘Air Guitar’! What’s more fun than that.” (August 2010)
Mommy’s Memorandum: “I LOVE this album and its unique approach to not only music but learning. … What Are the Odds? is an album that has found balance. It’s lyrics appeal to my children and the music is something I can listen to over and over. It’s not only fun but a learning resource that captures some great lessons and sets them to music. We’ve been dancing and singing along each morning and having a great time bonding as we learn the lyrics!” (August 2010)
The Angel Forever: “As a parent and teacher, I really liked how Meredith LeVande meshes learning into all of her songs. Not only are facts included, but favorites take on a new spin. … Overall, we enjoyed the What Are the Odds? CD. The song mixture was great to use with toddlers, preschooler and even my elementary aged son. The songs were gender neutral, so they are great for all children.” (August 2010)
Mama Buzz: “I really like the song ‘Willow Tree in the Wind’. This song brings back memories of my own childhood, as growing up, we had a giant willow tree in our front yard, and I remember parting the branches to make windows or doors … playing house underneath that willow tree. It just brings back wonderful memories of a simpler time. … Meredith definitely has a wonderful, kid-friendly style to her music, and her songs are both fun and educational.” (September 2010)
The Cloth Diaper Report: “I immediately felt a connection to this artist when I read her bio as I am a self-proclaimed Renaissance woman of sorts, although not in the same disciplines. Meredith has a sweet, youthful quality to her voice and her songs are catchy and upbeat– a perfect ‘disguise’ for learning. Her songs teach different principles and lessons, while keeping the songs musically interesting, engaging and fun.” (August 2010)
Stuff Parents Need: “Meredith LeVande, you have 2 new fans. First, and foremost, is Darah. She loves your fun and funky tunes; they make her giggle. Second, I am totally a fan of yours, now! I think your lyrics are clever and quirky and your tunes are oh so easy to hum along to. You’ve even inspired me to work on telling Darah all about numbers now, thanks to your album’s flagship song, ‘What Are the Odds?’!” (August 2010)
A Silly Mommy of 2 Silly Girls: “As soon as I turned the Monkey Monkey Music What Are the Odds? CD by educational children’s musician, singer & guitar player Meredeth LeVande Princess A was hooked. She listened to it over and over that first afternoon and has listened to it many times since. Luckily the music is fun and catchy so I don’t mind listening to it over and over and over.” (August 2010)
This Bird’s Day: “Not only are (Meredith’s) CDs enjoyed by kids, but adults can appreciate the songs and catchy lyrics as well. I found myself singing ‘What Are the Odds?’ on the way to work one morning. I should include that Baby Bird was not with me in the car at the time.” (August 2010)
Mom Most Traveled: “This week I debuted What Are the Odds? in my 3K class. … Meredith LeVande … is a favorite live performer for NYC area families, thanks to her easy-on-the-ears music style and carefully crafted, mind-stimulating lyrics. I am impressed that What Are the Odds? tackles some oft-skirted subject areas, including mathematical concepts beyond your basic ‘1-2 buckle my shoe’-type rhymes.” (August 2010)
An Island Life: “Overall, LeVande’s voice reminds me of Liz Phair and The Waitresses (“I Know What Boys Like”). The entire (What Are the Odds?) CD is a mixed bag of musical styles – jazz, rap and some slower tunes at the end to calm the kids down (hopefully).” (August 2010)
The IE Mommy: “Overall we’d give (What Are the Odds?) – Two Thumbs UP. You’ll enjoy being silly with your kids. The lyrics are fun and easy to sing along with while in the car or at home. The rhythm has hints of rock and jazz so they will definitely bring a smile to your face.” (August 2010)
Peanut Butter & Pickles: “My children and I have thoroughly enjoyed Meredith’s newest CD What Are The Odds? The boys have been learning and dancing to songs like ‘Turn Your Body Around’ and ‘Circle’.My personal favorite is ‘What Are the Odds?’ and I find myself singing it out loud in the shower and while I’m getting ready for work.” (August 2010)
30 Second Children’s Music Reviews: “American kindie acoustic-guitar-playing singer-songwriter plus band. Fairly gentle singalong-y indie, occasionally bluesy and a little They Might Be Giants-ish some of the time … . My kids like it and the songs are nearly all good … .” (August 2010)
“Try It” Team: “We keep playing it over and over! My girls have memorized each song. Educational and fun too! My 6 year old loves What Are the Odds? I know she will want to share this with her teacher when school begins. Meredith LeVande’s voice reminds me of my college days listening to live bands and enjoying new sounds. I love the term ‘Kindie’ – perfect for What Are the odds?” (August 2010)
And Then There Were 4 …: “I love that (Meredith’s) goal is to put child back into children’s music! (What Are the Odds?) is fun, upbeat and also educational! Cohen and I have danced for several hours of this music, since we received it! 🙂 It was a huge hit with us both!! This CD is a great one for kids and adults of all ages!” (August 2010)
I’d Rather Be Changing Diapers: “We are a family of music lovers, and I am always searching for fun children’s music that I like also. (What Are the Odds?) is a fun album with simple lyrics and rhythms that would go along with adult music. The songs are fun and energetic. … It is nice clean family fun. The boys and I get down with this CD in the middle of the living room. What Are the Odds? has made it to our regular rotation of songs for play time.” (August 2010)
Mama’s Money Savers: “Meredith has a voice that is perfect for children’s music – friendly, happy, and upbeat. Her voice is sincere as she sings and the music lyrics are adorable and all kid-appropriate. (What Are the Odds?) is definitely a great one to add to any kid’s collection, especially if you are looking for something different and unique songs! I mean just looking at the Track Listing for this CD, you know it is going to be a fun one to listen to!” (August 2010)
Mommy PR: “The boys really enjoyed (What Are the Odds?) especially ‘Wheels’, ‘Air Guitar’, ‘Turn Your Body Around’. The silly knock knock jokes from ‘Who’s a Knockin’?’ was by far the favorite of the 4 year old. I really liked the counting lesson in ‘What Are the Odds’ song and the shapes/direction lesson in ‘Circle’.” (August 2010)
Go Graham Go: “What a wonderful change! Although geared toward children, I really enjoy (What Are the Odds?) as well. I didn’t feel as if we were listening to the typical kids CDs. … The songs on this CD are fun and educational, which any mother would love! My kids really like the music and really enjoy dancing and singing along. Not only is it perfect for playtime, but it is great background music as well. This is a new favorite in our house!” (August 2010)
Simply Cathi: “Monkey Monkey Music is fun and educational with a beat that gets everyone up singing and dancing. Children love music and it didn’t take long for my grand daughter to sing along with Meredith. It doesn’t matter if you’re young in years or just in your heart, Monkey Monkey Music brings out the monkey in all of us.” (August 2010)
Mommy’s Free Time: “(What Are the Odds? is) our new car CD! This is a fun CD that would be perfect for daycares, homeschooling or just for fun at home with your kids! It’s family friendly and I would recommend it to any of my friends with young kids!” (August 2010)
Not Just Baby Brain: “(What Are the Odds?) is in constant rotation at our house now and it’s not annoying at all! My daughter dances around the house to it and it’s great for the car because it’s kid-friendly but still sounds like something we’d listen to on the radio. My husband even commented yesterday that if you weren’t paying attention to the words, you’d never know it was children’s music we were listening to, which is high praise from him!” (August 2010)
Textbook Mommy: “What do you get when you put together catchy, clever, upbeat songs with the beautiful voice of children’s performer Meredith LeVande? You get a great CD filled with songs kids love … titled What Are the Odds? … I had the pleasure of reviewing Meredith’s What Are the Odds? CD and as a parent I have to say it is truly quality children’s music! I listened to all the tracks with my girls and we had a blast dancing along to these fun and upbeat songs!” (August 2010)
Did You See That?: “And after only 2 full plays of (What Are the Odds?), my kids are already singing along to the music. Great CD I highly recommend for your kiddos!” (August 2010)
Abby Approved: “I love (that) the songs on Monkey Monkey Music are age appropriate. I don’t have to worry that (Gaige) is going to hear (and repeat) something that he shouldn’t. They are also educational and he gets into counting along and finding other ways to participate with them!” (August 2010)
Take It From Me: “I had the opportunity to preview … What Are the Odds? CD and found it very delightful! The songs were fun, creative, and catchy! My kids really enjoyed singing and dancing to all of the various songs on the album! … I found the songs to be whimsical, funky, fresh, and even educational! Learning odd numbers, colors, about animals, and even what things have wheels are just some of the many things found in songs on the What Are the Odds? CD! The album is definitely unique!” (August 2010)
Meandering Matt: “I just had the opportunity to review the new Monkey Monkey Music CD, What Are the Odds?, with Meredith LeVande. My son loves listening to CDs at bedtime, so I thought this would be a great opportunity. As soon as it arrived, I offered to let him listen to it. The next night, I mentioned needing it back in order to review it. He threw a fit. He didn’t want me to take it away. This told me right away that it was a catchy album.” (August 2010)
Growing a Baby in Seattle Reviews: “Last Friday I was driving to pick up my husband in rush hour traffic. … All of a sudden … horrible screaming and crying started coming from the backseat! I found myself trying to drive while also trying to figure out what on earth was suddenly wrong with Ethan and why he was hysterically crying. Finally he calmed down enough to talk, and I realized that he was upset because he particularly liked one song on our new CD, and that song had ended. … The hysteria-inducing song was one from a new kids’ CD … called What Are the Odds?” (July 2010)
Pajama Mommy: “Meredith LeVande is a children’s performer with a deep commitment to putting “the child” back into children’s music, and she does it with this new CD What Are the Odds? She has a way of connecting with the kids in and with her music. I am always excited to get new children’s music as my grandson Jordon who is Autistic has a deep love for music. He has a few all time favorites and this one has quickly been put on his favorites list!” (July 2010)
My Real Review: “There is a depth to LeVande’s music that makes it stand out from other children’s albums. She naturally incorporates complex musical structures … and academic concepts that explore the interrelationship between mathematics, philosophy, and music. Monkey Monkey Music is child-friendly and reflects LeVande’s passion for nurturing healthy childhood development.” (July 2010)
Practical Mum: “(What Are the Odds?) was such a refreshing change from the norm. It’s geared towards children ages 2-7 but I found myself grooving along to the catchy, blues themed rhythms right off the hop. …This CD would be fantastic for rainy days or indoor parties to get the kids moving while keeping them laughing and singing in a group environment. … To say Meredith LeVande has a clever knack for creating interactive songs full of charming melodies is an understatement. … To sum it up – I absolutely loved it and so did my daughter!” (July 2010)
Life with 5 Monkies: What Are The Odds? is all about learning in a fun way. From counting odd numbers to a funny knock knock joke type song. … The CD contains 16 songs and will keep all your monkies occupied for a good bit. This would be an excellent CD to have on hand especially if you own a daycare or are a preschool teacher.” (July 2010)
Dad of Divas: “(What Are the Odds?) Rocks! There is so much musical variety on this CD that it made my head spin (in a good way). From fun lyrics to catchy musical lines, I and my girls were asking for more. We really liked the variety on the CD as there is something there for everyone. Meredith does a great job at drawing in her listeners and I believe that you will find her to be a hit as well!” (July 2010)
The Knowlton Nest: “I find that I keep singing tunes in my head even after I turn off the CD player. … The songs really encourage interaction with self and others. … Your child will learn about numbers, food, colors, movement, transportation, animals, life cycle, directions, opposites, jokes, pretend, seasons and more. This is great CD to play anytime and enjoy as a family.” (July 2010)
This Mama Loves Her Bargains: “It’s a fun, FUN album with some great educational content but mostly, its fun, and its clean and…well, it’s got a good beat and we can dance to it.” (July 2010)
Two Monkeys & a Washtub: “If your kids love music, and you’re looking for something that’s got a fresh sound and will keep your kids entertained, pre-order your copy of Monkey Monkey Music: What Are the Odds now! … If you live in the New York area, you can also book your child’s birthday party with Meredith … – I’m so jealous!” (July 2010)
ShowMeMama:What Are the Odds? can be played at birthdays, at home, playgroups, in your car or any place you desire. It is truly a joy to listen too and believe me I am planning on taking it to my next playgroup meet up and I know all the mommies and children will have a blast with it. We will all jump, wiggle, shake, and clap our hands to it.” (July 2010)
Girl Gone Mom:What Are the Odds? … is a nice balance between baby music and songs for older kids so it fits the entire family quite well. It’s fun and upbeat, and Emma is working on her dance routine tirelessly.” (July 2010)
Firefly Blog: “I don’t need to tell you how much Princess loves this CD. She is listening to it all the time at home, in front of the house, in the car… If you go and listen to the sample songs on their website you will see the big smiles on your kids faces and know exactly that this CD is a must have. We truly love every song.” (July 2010)
Army Mom’s Place: “Meredith has been true to herself with What Are The Odds?. Geared towards children ages 2-7, even my 9 and almost 11 year old were caught dancing away to this captivating CD! The baby, bounced away, dancing to every song! (July 2010)
Life is Sooo Good …: “This is a children’s CD that I actually enjoy listening and singing along to. I love how innocent, upbeat and fun the songs are, the way children’s music should be.” (July 2010)
Dropped Stitches: “These are great songs that one can find no fault with; I find it refreshing when an artist strives to keep our kids innocent and, well, kids.” (July 2010)
Tanya Peila – Just My Life: “With … What Are the Odds?, Meredith has created something remarkable, finding the middle road between baby songs and pop band songs where kids’ lyrics are simply added to music that would otherwise be played for adults. Meredith’s music is not only child-friendly, it’s truly child appropriate, developed with the healthy growth of the young child in mind.” (July 2010)
Toni’s Treehouse: “Monkey Monkey Music and Meredith LeVande are definitely on my watch/listen list. I imagine she would be a fantastic act to see in person.” (July 2010)

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